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Yuvraj Grewal, MD


Yuvraj Grewal, MD, is proud to provide state-of-the-art wellness treatments to patients throughout Santa Clarita. Dr. Grewal founded Mind Body Infusion Med Spa with the goal of providing a combination of holistic and medical treatment options for whole-body health and wellness without the need for a doctor’s appointment, medical insurance, or a referral.

Dr. Grewal’s approach to whole-body wellness is backed by science and evidential proof to ensure that Mind Body Infusion Med Spa products and services are always modern and up to date with the latest healthcare innovations. He customizes all-natural remedies for each patient’s unique needs.

At Mind Body Infusion Med Spa, Dr. Grewal offers a wide range of services to support health and wellness. Patients who are feeling fatigued or under the weather can undergo a vitamin infusion to get back to an optimal mind-body balance.

For those experiencing migraines or chronic headaches, Dr. Grewal has solutions that will improve quality of life, including IV infusion therapy. He can also help restore balance to the digestive system and improve metabolism for patients experiencing abdominal pain, bloating, or weight gain.

To learn more about Dr. Grewal and how he can help promote your health and wellness, call Mind Body Infusion Med Spa at (661) 544-4036 or request an appointment online.

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